Recover Video Files on Mac

It is commonly seen that some people want to recover video files on Mac, but how can they reach the goal? Actually, they had better resort to third party software. Here, the professional Mac data recovery software - MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is worth trying.

Note: for the sake of successful video recovery, users should not store new data to the partition where the data loss happens.

How to Restore Video Data on Mac

Please visit the official website to download the software. After installation, you can launch it to enter the start up interface.

  Recover Video Files on Mac 1

This is the main interface of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Here, please click “Digital Media Recovery” to get the next window.

Recover Video Files on Mac 2

1. Select the partition where the lost videos were and click “Full Scan” to scan it. Then the next interface will appear.

Recover Video Files on Mac 3

2. Check the video file you need and click “Save“. Then the following window will be shown for users.

  Recover Video Files on Mac 4

  3. Click “Browse…” button to appoint a location for the restored video. With a click on “OK”, all operation to recover video files on Mac will be fulfilled.

Note: don’t save the recovered data to the original partition, or it may not be played normally.