Find file by name

With thousands of files and directories to view, it may be difficult to find a particular file in a tree display when users conduct a functional module with Mac Data Recovery by themselves. To help users locate the file quickly, we would like to tell users a useful feature designed in the program – find file by name, which makes it much easier for users to find the needed file. Here is the MiniTool Mac Data Recovery tutorial.

Find File

Find file by name 1

If users are looking for files with a specific name, they can click the feature “Find” on the top and then enter the name in the textbox of “File Name” and hit “Find” to locate the file that meet the requirement. However, if they can’t remember file name clearly, they can enter the a part of file name, and then MiniTool Mac Data Recovery will guide users to visit each file until they find the needed one. It is very time-saving compared with opening each file one by one.

Advanced Filter

Filter” allows users to filter the files they are interested in. Users can filter the files by choosing the file formats in the textbox of “Advanced Filter”. Also, they can find the desired files according to other characteristics, such as file size and date.

Find file by name 2

File Preview

If users are performing photo or text file recovery, do not forget “Preview” function. It enables users to view the pictures, and then they can make a decision which ones need recovering. Users may easily find this function from the right side of the interface or upper toolbar when selecting a file.

Find file by name 3

These three ways, Find File by Name, Advanced Filter and File Preview, make it more convenient for users to find what they need in a short time. If there are lots of found data, users are suggested to try these means to discover the needed files quickly.