How to load previous scan result

About Load Previous Scan Result

If users have ever used or seen introduction articles of our MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, they’ll probably remember an option called “Previous Scan Result of” displayed in the first interface they see after entering a functional module.

Actually, as long as users made use of any modules in MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to search for needed files, our software will automatically save the searching result. And when users need to use it for the next time, they’re provided with the right to choose to load the previous scan result or to scan the disk/partition again. But how to load previous scan result? A MiniTool Mac Data Recovery tutorial about this will be given in the following paragraphs.

How to Load Previous Scan Result

How to load previous scan result

Launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery as usual and choose a module from the main interface. After that, users will see an interface like the above screen shot shows. At this time, you’re able to see the “Previous Scan Result of” option shown at the top of drive list. If you choose a drive in this interface, you’ll see “Back” and “Full Scan” button at the lower right corner. However, if you select the “Previous Scan Result of” option, you’ll see a “Back” button and a “Load Result” button at the lower right corner. Then, you can press “Load Result” button to continue.